Wurster Gallery, UC Berkeley CA | February 5 2016

Choreography: Kathleen Dycaico | Mix: Adrian Diaz 

Photography: Joelle Wagner

Apple-Eaters is a performance installation commissioned by the curators of Space Open, an exhibit realized in partnership with UC Berkeley. 

A utopian simulation in three parts.
In constant dialogue with the absolute freedom of past that American culture pretends to own, the experience is one of induced terror, anxiety, a mistrust in any information not gotten first-hand. This performance is a shout into a cultural void, awaiting echoes of certainty or truth ringing back. 

Dancers: Jessica Brown, Nicole Casado, James Damiani, Lauren Godla, Kristen Rulifson, Maribel Lopez, Mona Shahab, Jasmine Saavedra, & Sophie Becker