The Knockdown Center NY | May 20-22 2016

Choreography + installation | Photography: Walter Wlodarczyk

Original score by Eartheater

The Fader

Paper Magazine


Authority Figure is a social psychology experiment that uses choreography, sound and installation to elicit emotional response from the audience. Mirabile and Kinlaw have brought together six choreographers, seven installation artists, original sound compositions by various musicians as well as a cast of 150+ performers to create a performance that motivates the audience  to consider relationships to authority, obedience and eachother. We are asking ourselves and the audience to be conscious of relationships to police, big data, and surveillance as it mingles with the complexity of our psychology in regard to power dynamics.

During each two-hour show, groups of twenty are directed into the space every twenty minutes. Each individual will face different durational and emotional challenges corresponding to the entry time and driven by intentional choreography. The performance begins with ticket sales. In order to secure admission at all, the audience must first take the “Personality of Endurance Quiz” to determine which entry bracket will be most appropriate for their experience.

The performance brings together choreography by Kathleen Dycaico, Sigrid Lauren (Fluct), India Salvor Menuez, Juri Onuki, Colin Self, Richard Kennedy, and Tara-Jo Lewis; installations by Jen Monroe (Bad Taste), Ilana Savdie, Kathleen Dycaico, Jerome Bwire, Signe Pierce, Yulan Grant, and Michael Potvin (Nitemind Creative); music by Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange), Dan Deacon, SOPHIE, Travis Egedy (PICTUREPLANE), Ian Drennan, Nick Koenig (HOT SUGAR), DJ NJ Drone, and Caroline Polachek."

Dancers: Angela Whitehead, Jessica Friedman, Sophie Miles, Mimi Howard, Crichton Atkinson.