Grace in Emptiness Church was opened daily for rest and prayer from October 15 - December 1st.

A non-denominational, anti-capitalist space for quiet connection, distilled presence, and spiritually-focused conversation outside of an established religious order.

Located in Stream Gallery’s storefront on Myrtle Avenue, visitors came in off of the street and by invitation, ranging from 15 at a time to a single visitor. In New York especially, the existence of an indoor public space that does not cost money or require adherence to a specific religion is quite rare, if not completely unique. The completely black void, in contrast to the chaos and noise of Myrtle Avenue, was radical in it’s lack of entertainment or expectation.  

Conversations initiated through recorded interview questions included what you think happens when you die, whether or not you believe in souls, and suicide.

Grace in Emptiness was concluded when visitors took part in a destruction ritual, using sledgehammers to turn the previously precious place to rubble. 

Sound installations made specifically for the space included Kinlaw and Kiri Stensby.

Floral arrangement provided by Lily Lake. 

Special thanks to Zev Rector and Aziz Naouai.